My name is Ivailo Raikov. I was born in 1988 in Varna, and I grew up here. I am interested in electronics, electrical engineering and some mechanics since I was little kid. These interests I inherited from my father, who taught me a lot. When I grew up, I began to study computer Science, networking equipment and their periphery. In my spare time I like to meet with friends, watching movies and popular shows. I would not say I'm sporty. However, I am interested in Formula 1, and occasionally watch some football matches.

I graduated high school in 2007 in the School of Mathematics "Dr Petar Beron", Varna. My account was mathematics and German. I would not say that I am good at these two subject, but in contrast, the years wre spent with good classmates, big parties and fun. We became very good friends with part of my classmates, but unfortunately life is not divided and we lost communication. 

My higher education started in the 'Technical University' - Varna. From 2007 to 2011 I studied electrical engineering, specializing in renewable energy sources (bachelor), and from 2011 to 2013 I continued to study for a master's degree. For those five years at the university, except the good acquaintances and friendships that I created, I realized that in high school I got a solid preparation. That is why I had no problems with our exams in mathematics, unlike many of my colleagues.

From first to tenth grade I visited private English courses in 'Europe' schools. I dare to say I'm doing well enough with the language, and my work around technics, forced me to improve my knowledges of English. At the same private school I visited computer courses (1998 - 2001), where I was able to learn simple programming and MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

Professionally, my greatest interest for the moment is in supporting software and hardware, work on UNIX based systems, building and administration networks. From 2004 I deal with assembly, repair and maintenance of computer systems, and from 2006 with laptops too. Since then I have worked with many programs to achieve the goals, but most used by me are: MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), Photoshop, Dreamweaver and many other. From 2005 I work mainly with Slackware Linux, but I am familiar with other distributions. Over the years I administrated and built some local wired and wireless networks, and recently I'm interested in Mikrotik (not very popular brand, but with great potential). I can also mention that I created few websites, but it's not my strong side.

I will mention about my higher education. The university gave me knowledges in various subjects - technical documentation, mechanics, electrical engineering, semiconductors, economics and many others. My profiled subjects and seriously studied were - Electrical machinery and apparatus, basic knowledges about renewable energy sources (RES). Magistrates primarily focused me on renewable energy and for two semesters, I learned a lot about semiconductor equipment, and the construction of photovoltaic plants. Other highlights were learning the basics of aerodynamics, wind, different ways of processing biomass. My degree work was about 'Systems for monitoring and diagnosis of a photovoltaic park'. During the preparation, I saw how interesting is the work with RES. However, I'm not sure I would be able to develop precisely in this area right now, due to the policy of Bulgaria for this type of energy.

My professional way /private courses and skills/ and some of the subjects I've worked on:

  • English courses in 'Europe' schools (1995-2005). My English language level: very good understanding and work with texts /especially technical literature/, good writing skills, no practice with speaking.
  • Computer courses (1998-2001):
    - basic computer hardware knowledge;
    - work with MS Windows 95/98 and deeply with MS Office 97;
    - basic programming knowledges using 'LOGO'.
  • Work and learn hard on computers since 2003, Linux user since 2004 - very good knowladge and experience with Slackware Linux.
  • Troubleshooting and repair many desktops (PCs) and different brands/models notebooks:
    - cleaning of dust and dirt;
    - power supplies repair;
    - defective or not working components replacement.
  • Installation/reinstallation of MS Windows (98, XP, Vista, 7):
    - data backup;
    - install the important drivers and necessary software for the end user.
  • Administration and maintenance of small ISP with 30+ users:
    - installation and set-up of Slackware Linux';
    - routing;
    - traffic restrictions (shaper);
    - use of a proxy server (squid);
    - limitation on MAC address;
    - DHCP server;
    - other needed software and setup.
  • Building local computer networks:
    - cabling with UTP/FTP cables;
    - work with crimping tools and inserts;
    - rack assembly and installation of patch panel.
  • Building wired and wireless local area network for a hotel's guests:
    - using Mikrotik for a router;
    - mounting and setting up external access points;
    - using Mikrotik's hotspot system;
    - limiting user's traffic.
  • Building video surveillance system:
    - wired infrastructure;
    - cameras installation;
    - setting up a DVR.
  • Soldering skills.
  • Troubleshooting and repair different types of electrical equipment.

My interests and skills that I want to improve:

  • Dealing with different types of the IT technology and improving skills.
  • Deeply study, work and understand computer networks like MAN, WAN, larger /private/ computer networks, VLAN, VPN, managed switches, routers.
  • Dealing with Linux OS - server level.
  • My skills to deal with troubleshooting/repair different electrical equipment and work with specialized tools like soldering stations.